Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Jesse M Halling

Indianapolis, Indiana

June 7, 2003

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
19 Army Pvt

401st Military Police Company

Fort Hood, Texas

Tikrit, Iraq. Halling was at a military police station when his section received rifle propelled grenade and small arms fire. The soldier received a fatal gunshot wound.

AP News

Jesse M. Halling was focused on becoming a soldier even as a child, said his mother, Pam Halling. Halling of Indianapolis died June 7 during a battle north of Baghdad. He was stationed at Fort Hood.

From Former Sp5 US Army Roger Robicheau 01/05/05:

Our Freedom

When we think of our liberty
We look to our many freedoms
All those rights to live as we choose
Our ability free to determine our decisions

We are fortunate to savor this existence
For the most part, we control our destiny
No one is present to block our path of life
To stop desires from becoming achievement

How many in our world live deprived
Enduring a life of submission to authority 
Having a will, but denied its fruitful benefits
Kept from being able to perform a life of choice

As we celebrate our independence this year
Do let thoughts evolve about our great nation
Think of those many countries not as fortunate as we
Our government is formed by our people through freedom 

And how grateful we must stay to those who sacrificed all 
Without these great Americans, we would not have survived
With sincere gratitude, I salute and honor a recent fallen hero
Private First Class Jesse M. Halling, from Indianapolis, Indiana 

His great dedication to our country, shall never be surpassed
Like so many before him, he bravely gave his life for freedom
Be sincere in prayer for his family, friends, and fellow soldiers
The United States of America was blessed by his brave presence

Our freedom is kept by those willing to wear our country’s uniform
To sustain, others like Jesse and so many, may become fallen heroes
It is our duty as Americans, to be sure each is kept in spirit through us
And pray to God we stay ‘ the land of the free’ and ‘the home of the brave'

©2003Roger J. Robicheau

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