Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Jeffrey J Kaylor

Clifton, Virginia

April 7, 2003

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
24 Army 2nd Lt

C Battery, 39th Field Artillery Battalion

Fort Stewart, Georgia

Killed in action in Iraq.
Submitted 11/18/04:

First Lieutenant Jeffrey J Kaylor, was not a victim of a grenade attack. He fell due to other peoples lack of discipline. The truth is, he was killed due to fratricide. Somebody made a horrible decision which caused the detonation of an Iraqi rocket which caused First Lieutenant Jeffrey J Kaylor his life.

AP News

Jeffrey Kaylor, of Clifton, Va., was based at Fort Stewart and left for the Middle East last August, right after his wedding. But his wife was nearby. Jenna Cosby, also a second lieutenant, was on a tour in the Persian Gulf when Kaylor was killed in a grenade attack April 7.

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