Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Donald Samuel Oaks Jr.

Erie, Pennsylvania

April 3, 2003

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
20 Army Sgt

C Battery, 3rd Battalion, 13th Field Artillery Regiment (Multiple Launch Rocket System)

Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Killed in action in Iraq.

From Sam Oaks 10/01/04

Dear Q,
Thank you and all of the fine people from the NW for remembering our sons and daughters. If it were not for sites like this I fear they would be forgotten already. My grandson Spc. Donald S. Oaks was KIA April3rd 2003 by friendly fire. The air force dropped a 500 lb. bomb on his unit, 3-13 FA Red Dragons Fort Sill Oklahoma. They killed him and two others Sgt. Rhen and Sgt. Robbins. I have been trying to get an apology since then. No luck. He was the only son of my only son. Also ,he was promoted to Sgt. the same day he was killed.
thank you again 
Sam Oaks -grandpa

AP News

Donald Samuel Oaks' father remembers the last time he talked with his son, on a call from Kuwait in January. "He said, 'Dad, I'll never take anything for granted again. People don't know what they have in the United States." Oaks of Harborcreek, Pa., and stationed at Fort Sill, was killed in action in Iraq April 3.

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