Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Adrian Marcos Elizalde

North Bend, Oregon

August 23, 2007

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
30 Army SFC

2nd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Fort Lewis, Washington

 Killed in Baghdad, Iraq, by an improvised explosive device.

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September 1, 2007

“I have a great bf! He’s totally supportive, likes to train with me when he can, he’s 5′6 155 lber (walks at 170), wrestled since he was a kid, trains/fights MMA, and does NOT put up with my bs…LOL (which is huge!). The thing is, he’s military SF… so sometimes the only time we have together is at the gym, since he wakes up at 4:45/5am. So we both get to spend time together doing what we love. Down side is he’s in Iraq right now… 5 months down… 3 months to go. “

I had written this July 23rd. I talked to Adrian, my boyfriend, on Monday August 20th. He was giving me grief about not doing enough cardio, we talked about what we would do when he got home. I told him my itinerary for the coming weeks. I gave him shit for being short, he gave me shit for not being able to tap him in close to 2 years. I told him I had been playing with playing with the rubber guard, and that I was working on adding the twister into my arsenal… to which he replied “that’s great, but you have to get me to the ground first.” …LOL he’s a really good wrestler, greco mainly. He had to go, someone in the background needed help with something, he’d call again later in the week.

My boyfriend, SFC Adrian M Elizalde was killed when an IED hit his truck on Thursday August, 23rd. He was 30 years old. 

I found out at 3:30pm PST on Friday, 24th. I was in my hotel room in Vancouver, Bodog had brought me up to do some promo stuff and commentary for the season 6 shoot. For those of you that were up there, this is why I had sunglasses on throughout the fights, and why I would get up and leave periodically. The only people that knew were Jessica Aguillar, who had been 3 doors down and found me in a heap on the floor of my hotel room, and the staff. I didn’t want any of the fighters to know, I didn’t want anyone upset or distracted in any way before their fights.

Adrian was my hero in so many different ways. I used to tell him he was “my superman.” Adrian meant so much to me, I loved him so much. He was everything I had ever wanted….. I had hoped we’d spend a lifetime together.

-Tara LaRosa

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