Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Matthew Gross

Joseph, Oregon

February 25, 2010

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
43 Army/Navy SFC

Oregon National Guard

 US Navy in the Persian Gulf, US Army National Guard in Iraq.

Escorting Home Our Hero, Click photo below:

March 7, 2010

For Memorial Service Snapshots, Click photo below:

March 7, 2010

From The Observer lagrandobserver.com 11/15/05:

November 15, 2005 11:00 pm
WELCOME BACK: Soldiers from the Third Battalion, 116th Armored Cavalry arrived home on buses Saturday. (The Observer/CHRIS BAXTER).

The Third Battalion, 116th Armored Cavalry has come home, after showing the world it can soldier with the best.

Today, the unit holds its head up with pride as it officially ends its participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The 3/116th's 18-month deployment included a full year in northern Iraq. Its members took part in more than 3,000 patrols through an area of operations that was full of hazards.

For soldiers working "outside the wire" of Forward Operating Base Warrior, improvised explosive devices were a fact of life. And for those inside the wire, rocket attacks were not uncommon.

While Eastern Oregon's best and bravest faced those and other dangers, loved ones at home lived with the constant worry of bad news.

And that wasn't all. Families struggled with finances, health insurance issues, maintenance of homes and autos a host of problems that might not have arisen, or might have been more easily resolved, had their citizen-soldiers not

The sacrifices of the people in uniform and their families were indeed great.

But so were the achievements.

The battalion played a part in making free elections in Iraq a reality. It successfully protected citizens and coalition forces from attacks by insurgents. It fostered good relations between Americans and the people of Iraq.

Without doubt, the men and women of 3/116th have earned the respect and gratitude of their community and their country.

As the deployment comes to a close, The Observer joins many others in saying thanks to the soldiers and their loved ones at home who gave up so much in the cause


Note: The long list of names that followed this article included SGT Matthew J. Gross

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