Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Dustin Ray Hartley

Fairmount, Indiana

April 25, 2005

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
23 Army Spc

Charlie Co.1/9 ,1st Cavalry Division

Ft. Hood Texas

Killed by a drunk driver after 3 weeks returning home from Iraq.

 "FREEDOM, It's the best thing in life!" Dusty

Spc Dustin Hartley and buddies in his unit.

Spc Dustin Hartley

Dustin's grandmother (Steve's mom), Mary, Dustin, and Steve 

at his boot camp grad. at Ft. Benning GA

Dustin in his Bradley through night vision.

"....at the funeral half a dozen of his unit showed up and took me aside and told me that not a one of them would be alive if it weren't for the actions of my son."

Dusty was an avid outdoorsman, and had a penchant for fast cars, he didn't have any children, he was a good son Q, I never had any problems out of him at all. We all deserve at least one kid like that. I miss him dearly every day." Steve Hartley, Proud Dad

Dustin's Tree, which is a memorial tree to honor all those who have fallen in this war. we will do this every year, if you know anyone who would like to add an ornament in memory of their loved one please share my e- mail address with them, the tree is 50 ft tall and has over 5000 lights and many ornaments sent from families of our fallen, I would be more than happy to add any that are sent.

STEVE HARTLEY, Proud gold star dad!  voodoofire1(at)sbcglobal.net

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