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For those of you that don't know what I do here, please scroll down and watch some of the news videos.  Basically, I run multiple tribute sites dedicated to our Heroes. My primary project is, dedicated to the men and women that served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and are deceased.  I also photograph free for the families as many of the services I can get to. Click on link to see some of them. - I'm not one of those retired people out there and still have to work to survive and over the years it's become harder to keep up with the base expenses for this project.

I've lost lots of ground and domains and even have slowed down the amount of veterans services I attend to reduce the costs.  I'm still dedicated to getting to the services of our KIAs, with permission from their families.

See some of the work for our Heroes here: 

Update 07/20/17

Mostly trying to raise funds for monthly web costs, travel expenses to funerals.

Due to medical reasons I'm not getting in as much (paying) work as I need.  Any help appreciated. All goes toward this project.


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