Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Casey L Hills

Salem, Illinois

June 24, 2009

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
23 Army Spc

100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment, Pago Pago

American Samoa

 Died in Iraq of injuries sustained during a vehicle roll-over.

From Tammy Hills 07/10/09:

My "Sunshine" boy touched so many hearts and I thank God each and everyday for blessing me with the 23 years that he spent touching mine. He was a very simple young man that didn't believe in drama, gossip, or judgment from anyone. If you didn't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. He always put others before him, and believed that everything happens for a reason, so I will never question why. My son loved animals, especially reptiles. I would like to share one memory of so many with you. One day he was walking around with a lizard on his shoulder, before starting a game of basketball with his brother and some friends he sat the lizard down on the ground and said "Stay!" When that game of basketball was over, he bent down to pick up something from the ground and as he sat it on his shoulder, everyone realized that it was the lizard. He loved to make people laugh and he would do just about anything to accomplish that. My brave soldier boy had come home in the end of April on a 2 week leave. He spent that time with his family, especially on the boat with his grampa, doing what he loved best "fishing." My precious son will sadly be missed by many...but he will never be forgotten.

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