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Randy L.J. Neff Jr

Blackfoot, Idaho

July 22, 2009

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
22 Army Spc

4th Engineer Battalion

Fort Carson, Colorado

 Killed in Zabul Province, Afghanistan, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle.

Randy L.J. Neff Jr.

Twenty-two year old Army Specialist Randy L.J. Neff Jr. passed away Wednesday, July 22, 2009 in northern Afghanistan while serving with the 4th Engineer Battalion. He was a dedicated, motivated, devoted husband, son, brother, soldier, and friend. He was preceded in death by his dads Stephen Craig Davis, and John Corrente, his uncle Ralph Davis, and uncle Allen Brumfield. He is survived by his loving wife Madelyn B. Neff of Colorado Springs, Colorado, his mothers Sandy Davis of Blackfoot, Idaho, Patricia Corrente of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and his brother LCP Michal Neff, USMC returning from Afghanistan, Craig (Stacey) Davis of Salt Lake City, Utah, and sisters AbrieAnn Neff, Jamie Dougles, Alexa Richards, Aubrie Corrente, and Brianea Corrente. Services will be held at Ft. Carson, Soldier Memorial Chapel on Sunday, August 2, 2009 at 3pm. In Lieu of Flowers, please make donations to Randy Neff Memorial Fund, in care of Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, 3825 Airport Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, which will be used to provide essential services for deployed soldiers. Please visit www.mem.com and sign the on-line guest book. 
Teacher says Neff was easygoing teen

The Associated Press

Randy Neff had an ability to put the people around him at ease and make his comrades laugh until their sides ached.

“He would flash his trademark grin, and everyone around him would feel better,” Capt. David Cuthbertson said.

Neff, 22, of Blackfoot, Idaho, died July 22 when a bomb exploded near his convoy. He was based in Fort Carson, Colo.

The bomb also killed Sgt. Joshua Rimer. Both Neff and Rimer were combat engineers who helped clear roadside bombs.

“They chose the only job in the Army that starts with the word ‘combat,’ ” said Lt. Col. Craig Simonsgaard.

Neff graduated from Blackfoot High School in 2006. Shop teacher Peter Golinveaux said Neff was laid back in high school but appeared to change after enlisting, and the military helped him overcome hardships he faced growing up.

“He talked to my son a couple of days before he left and said he was excited about going to Afghanistan and serving his time,” Golinveaux said.

Neff is survived by his wife, Madelyn. The couple lived in Colorado Springs, Colo., before Neff was deployed to Afghanistan.

“He was a strong-hearted kid; he’d be the first one up ready to go,” said Neff’s friend, Spc. Steven Speilbauer.

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