Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Shaun A Novak

Two Rivers, Wisconsin

August 27, 2006

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
21 Army Spc

1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division

Fort Hood, Texas

 Killed in Taji, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their M2A3 Bradley Vehicle during combat operations.


Everyone noticed dark clouds in the sky,
As if all God’s Angels heaved one mournful sigh.
The news filters down of another attack,
More Soldiers have died in this place called “Iraq”.

Shaun Allen Novak, just 21 years young,
Now rests with his comrades at God’s Mighty Throne.
Brenda and Randy, oh, how our hearts grieve,
As you bear the news of Shaun’s ‘Eternal Leave’.

The folks of Two Rivers will remember a son,
With so much to live for and work left undone.
Described by his friends as honorable and true,
A man with high goals and dreams he’d pursue.

Following in footsteps of so many before,
Shaun joined the Army in 2004.
Leaving a family who loves him so well,
His Unit deploys to the ‘deserts of hell’.

Each served with honor, duty and pride,
War’s ugly cost is oft’ paid with men’s lives.
Along with his brothers, Shaun’s mission is done,
May comfort be found that he was never alone.

God sent His Angels to gather them near,
Nothing’s more precious than Jesus’ pure tears.
Look down on us often, with Shaun we proclaim,
Rainbows are most beautiful after the rain.

In Loving Memory of PFC Shaun Allen Novak
Born into Eternal Life August 27, 2006

Lynn Price © August 31, 2006

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