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Ricky Salas Jr

Roswell, New Mexico

March 7, 2006

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
22 Army Pfc

2nd Battalion, 37th Armored Regiment

Friedberg, Germany

 Killed in Mosul, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his military vehicle while conducting mounted operations.

From Santana Hernandez 05/11/06:

PFC Ricky Salas Jr. enlisted in the army about 18 months before he passed, he joined to be a better provider for his family and to see the world he and his family Wife April, Daughter Jordan, And Son Jarrod were to be sent to Germany but he was sent to Tal Afar Iraq where he had his last days. Ricky was a devoted loving father and He will be missed a great deal...We Love You Ricky.

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