Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Brian Patrick Shaver

Ashville, Alabama

July 31, 2006

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
28 Army Spc

167th Combat Infantry

Pelham, Alabama

 Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.  PTSD??

A Quote from My Son, Private Brian P Shaver
"As for me, I have been through a lot in this past year.
I am nearing the end of a journey.
God sent me on this journey to find His purpose for me.
It was a success.
I've never felt more empowered or alive as I do now.
All things are possible.
The doors have been swung wide, the flood gates opened.
Life is a fleeting thing.
Let it flourish.
I have no more questions as to my abilities.
No questions of my confidence.
My knowledge has been proven.
My faith is a rock solid platform from which I can build upon.
God has put me here to help people.
I'm here to make life better for every soul.
I will be a success at this mission for God has me covered."

SPFC Brian Patrick Shaver, January 13, 2006 Yusafia, Iraq

My son, SPC Brian Patrick Shaver,
was found hanging in a shed on July 31, 2006,
a few short weeks after he got married.
Brian was pronounced dead on the scene.
Brian was buried without an autopsy.
There is evidence to prove that Brian did not do this.
This Blog is dedicated to Justice for Brian.
Watch God work.

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