Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Adam R Shepherd

Somerville, Ohio

January 17, 2006

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
21 Army Pfc

Army's 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

 Died in Baghdad, Iraq, on Jan. 17 from a non-combat-related illness.

Commanderís Remarks Ė CPT Albert Vigilante
Thank you all for showing your support to the Warriors as we remember PFC Shepherd. 
I am CPT Al Vigilante and I had the honor and privilege of commanding PFC Shepherd for these last 7 months. The most enduring trait of PFC Shepherd was his ability to make those around him smile. No matter what the task or mission PFC Shepherd always had a smile on his face. His smile was contagious and would help those around him get through the hard times.
If you were to talk to members of Adamís platoon you would soon realize that Adam was concerned for nothing more than the safety of his comrades. He constantly worried about the welfare of others, while giving little regard to his own wellbeing. 
As leaders we like to tell ourselves that every soldier loves their job all the time, but I can say with no hesitation that with PFC Shepherd that was the truth. And although he loved being a soldier he truly loved being around other soldiers more. That was his greatest love. He loved the camaraderie, and loyalty that is fused in a unit that has shared hardships together. He truly embodied the warrior ethos, and mixed in it was deep care for his brethren.
Adam will always have a seat at our table, and we will never forget him. And sometime, when things are looking down, the memory of Adamís smile or laugh will creep into your head. As it does you wonít be able to help but smile and through you Adam will be continuing his mission of making others smile. He will be greatly missed. 
SPC Norviel's Remarks
PFC Adam R. Shepherd, 25 DEC 1984 - 17 JAN 2006

I am SPC Aaron Norviel, Adam Shepherdís Team leader. Adam Shepherd was a son, a devoted patriot, a friend to everyone and a brother to us all. We will carry our memories of him and his spirit in our hearts forever.
No matter how bad it was or how tough it got Adam was there with his quick and witty comments and outrageous sense of humor to lighten the mood and make the unbearable abit more bearable. Even when he himself was at the end of his rope his feelings were pushed aside and he made an effort to get those around him to smile. Adam never cared if the world was laughing at him or with him, as long as the world was laughing his job was complete. He was happy when others were happy. The needs of others came before his own, it was his job as Adam to see fit that everyone was taken care of and had what they needed. 
Adam Shepherd was from Cincinatti, OH., the son of Mark and Susan Miller. He was 21 years old. He was the second of four brothers. Surely a child who was a mothers reward, his mom bragged to friends of the silver lining that always surrounded him. He and his older brother, SPC Josh Shepherd, were both in the service and spent there first deployment serving together in the same company of the 3rd Battalion 502nd INF REGT. Guard shifts were filled with stories about back home and the mischief he and his boys had gotten into, it was all in good fun. He spoke highly of his parents and loved to be an older brother. His big brother was not only his closest friend but also his hero, right next to Spiderman. After Adamís time in the military he spoke of returning home to work by his uncles side in the carpentry business. He took things in stride and played with the cards he was dealt, he worked hard but had fun doing it. He completed every task only the way Adam could, sometimes you would need to step back and look at the big picture, but the project was complete and it was correct you just had to look at it through the eyes of Adam.

As his team leader I worked closely with Adam, he was the cornerstone of a strong team. To give you a better understanding of Adam I'm reminded of a conversation I held with him prior to a mission. Adam always wanted to be the number one man in a stack, I never understood why, just simply thought it was his form of an adrenaline rush. One day as he was reminding me to send him in first I stopped him mid-sentence and asked why? His response I will never forget. He said, "Norviel, look at the team and look at the squad. There are married people and people with children, I'm just here. I believe that it will be easier for a parent to cope with the loss of a grown boy, than for a young child to cope with the loss of a father, I don't have as much to lose as everyone else!" As bad as Adam wanted to go back home and see his family he was willing and prepared to lay his life down for the sake of his fellow brothers safe return. Whatever waited behind those closed doors Adam was ready for. Adam was a selfless individual with a heart solid as gold.
As we finish our time in country Adam Shepherd will be remembered and spoken highly of, he will be with us were ever we go and in what ever we do, standing in spirit as our number one man. Adam you were and will always be part of the "BAD BOYS" and a recognized "WARRIOR".
Adam quoted to a close friend once, "May the wings of the angels bless your path to rest." Let us take these words and this blessing from Adam in our hearts and carry it with us through our days. Keep the seats in heaven warm for us, we will see you when we come home.
PFC Rhodes Remarks Ė 
Service of Remembrance for PFC Adam R. Shepherd 22 JAN 06

I am PFC Jeremy Rhodes, roommate and friend of PFC Adam Shepherd. Adam blessed this earth with his enlightenment and sense of humor for 21 years. He is survived by his mother, Susan, step-father, Mark, whom he called, Dad; an older brother Josh, who he looked up to and emulated, and two younger brothers whom he strived to be a mentor for.
Adam was a 21 year old who had the imagination and free spirit of 10 year old. Most who didnít know him would have thought him immature. To those of us who truly knew Adam, we know that he just wanted to make people around him laugh and smile. He didnít care if you were laughing at him, or with him. As long as you were laughing Adamís task in life was complete.
Adam once said to me, ďMay the angels bless your path to rest.Ē I now embrace that quote and pass it back to him in my prayers. You will be missed and may your journey in the after life be joyous and peaceful.

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