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John Matthew Steenge

Austintown, Ohio

December 25, 2005

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
19 Army PFC

17th Signal Battalion

Kitzingen, Germany

 He died Dec. 25, two days after returning to Germany from Iraq.

john_steenge02 john_steenge03 john_steenge04 john_steenge05 john_steenge06
john_steenge07 just a shot of him doing his army thing john_steenge09 john_steenge10 john_steenge11
The last time i saw John..May 05' Took a shot of himself in my cars side mirror when we were on our way to cedar point when he was on leave. john_steenge13 john_steenge14    

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My favorite story about John while he was in Iraq.

John's favorite and most used word was " Whatever"
He used at home and also in the Army no matter who or what rank he was talking to.

On one occasion his group stationed at Anaconda Base in Iraq was told that they would be getting a inspection that day by an LTC.
It was John's turn to lead the LTC around.

Besides their regular equipment they also installed a old fashioned antenna to receive FM radio signal for music.

It during the LTC inspection and John was leading him around answering questions etc that the LTC asked him, pointing at that special contraption antenna what that was and what is was for.

Without blinking an eye John told the LTC that that was a special antenna they installed so they cold stay in contact with illegal Alliens from other planets.

The LTC reaction : "good job private" and he walked on.
John Commander and the rest of his group were standing there eyes and mouth wide open, afraid what the LTC would do or say next.
Nothing ever happened and the rapport was excellent on the groups camp.

Now that is typical how John was. He would not care who you are or what you are. He got respect he gave respect
But was always ready for a joke or a prank.

just thought should share this with you so you kind of know what sort of guy / son / soldier he was.

John Steenge
Ohio Soldier Dies:
Army Explanation Makes No Sense:

1/5/2006 The Associated Press, AUSTINTOWN, Ohio

A 19-year-old soldier from Ohio died of natural causes shortly after he arrived in Germany from Iraq, where he had spent the past year with his Army unit, his father said.

John Steenge said authorities told him that his son, Pfc. John Matthew Steenge, suffered a “natural death due to stress” and that there was no trauma. [There is no such medical explanation. Ask any competent doctor or coroner.]

Steenge was a multichannel system operator with the 17th Signal Battalion based at Kitzingen, Germany. He died Dec. 25, two days after returning to Germany from Iraq.

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