Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Joseph W Stevens

Sacramento, California

January 24, 2005

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
26 Army SSG

2d Battalion, 2d Infantry, 1st Infantry Division

Vilseck, Germany

 Died in Mohammed Sacran, Iraq, when their Bradley Fighting Vehicle overturned.

From Amy Coleman 01/15/06:

Thank you for having this site. I came across it on myspace just looking around for music I stumbled upon it.
I hope you don’t mind me taking a moment to tell you about someone listed on your site.

Joseph W. Stevens. 

I knew him as Joe. I thought of him and loved him like a little brother. He was my brother’s best friend. Joe grew up in a bad part of Sacramento, CA. VERY humble / poor family. They were in DeMolay (a Masonic youth group for boys) together, that’s how they met. Joe would spend lots of time at my folks house – as would many other kids, but Joe was different. Joe had dreams, and wanted a better life than what laid before him. Many kids would ask my dad if they should go into the military. My father had served in the Coast Guard and was the son of a retired pilot from the Air Force. Usually my dad told kids if they could go to college to go that route, but there is a lot to be said about the military. I’ll never forget the first time Joe came to our house to discuss his future and options. He wasn’t a straight A student – but he wasn’t dumb. Joe had to work in high school to help with things around his house like food, clothes, etc. When he asked my dad, he was told “Go into the military Joe, you can get training there as well as the GI bill – it’s your best way of making something of yourself”. 

Joe would come over to talk about which branch and my dad would tell him that was up to him to decide. Joe picked the Army. Well he was told he was out of shape. So, he got a job after high school and started running. He started working out with weights. He didn’t give up until they’d take him.

When Joe came home on leave he stayed with my parents – not his. My folks only display pictures of family in their home … that would be my brother Kevin, my “brother” Joe, my “sister” Greta (my best friend) & her little girl, and me.

I will never forget the last time I got to talk to Joe. I called my brother’s cell phone and he answered. I was so excited to talk to him that I didn’t believe it was him. I had moved to Las Vegas and he promised the next time he got leave he’d come down with Kevin and we’d have some fun. I’ll never forget that call because I made sure to tell him thank you for serving our country and that every day I pray for him and the rest of the soldiers to return home safe and sound. I told him I was so proud of him for serving our country. We talked some about him re-enlisting or stopping and going to college. He was going to go another 4 and then make that decision – cause he’d be 30 then. He told me it meant a lot to be thanked and that I was proud of him.

The year anniversary of his death is approaching. As I write this I’m crying. Some says it’s harder than others. Especially when I see protesters who have absurd signs about our soldiers. Thank you for this website. I’ve sent the link to my parents so that they can see Joe’s memorial. 

Please do not let any of the idiots who sent you bad emails stop you from keeping the memory of our fallen heroes alive.


Amy Coleman

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