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Daniel A Tsue

Honolulu, Hawaii

November 1, 2005

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
27 Marine Sgt

7th Engineer Support Battalion, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force

Camp Pendleton, California

 Killed by an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations in the vicinity of Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

From Sofia 11/29/06:

I love you Daniel and i miss you more than ever... I search for you in every moment i'm given and i'd give anything, anything to lay to sleep and fall into an endless dream where you would just hold my hand or smile to me as you used to... I long to hear your voice and hear you laughing, to see you walking in your "forever around sleepers"... I bow to every second we've been given together and i sip every word you've written or said to me,before and now in my dreams. All the letters you wrote, the objects you touched, the words u most often used are a echo of existance that will never stop feeding my spirit. If it's wrong to not accept that existence ends there babe then i'll be living in that spirit close to you and calling your name, thinking of you and asking your love forever... coz it's all we've promised each other. 

For those who don't know Daniel and I met late 2001 in Bahrain and we spent most wonderful moments together. We shared childhood memories, we made plans and never gave up on each other no matter if at times life took us to diferent places and made us face compicated situations. I learnt his grandparents raised him and taught him the values he later worked on with great passion. He spoke highly of them and if he ever wanted smth badly as a child that was that they could live forever so he never had to miss them. I now know very much what he meant. I always told him that they 're watching from up above and they must had been very proud of him. they raised a wonderful person and i love them for that, always will. We were to get married in August 2005. He wanted that at least his sister, Joy, to be there ... The plans did not take the shape of our dreams and after a period of total confusion Daniel went to war, to protect people in danger. He wasn't there for the United States, he wasn't there for the Iraq or for the sake of a political matter or for himself - he was there to protect people no matter their colour or nationality... Very little of those i talked to ever since he left actually knew him for real. I met Daniel Akio Tsue with his whole spirit, fears and expectations. I met and loved the child Daniel Akio Tsue, the mature and practical Daniel Tsue, the conscious yet naive and naughty Daniel Akio Tsue. And I miss him "body and soul so strong"! 

forever, babe!! forever!

~~~ Always , me ~~~

From Star Bulletin

Friends learn Marine saved hundreds
The staff sergeant disarmed explosives before being killed by one in Iraq
By Diana Leone

DURING his short time in Iraq, Marine Staff Sgt. Daniel A. Tsue's work saved the lives of hundreds of people, friends and family heard at his funeral yesterday.

As a member of the elite Marine Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, Tsue's job was to disarm explosives or get them away from their intended targets.

Tsue handled 63 ordnance disposals in Iraq, and "probably saved over 200 Marines and soldiers' lives over there, just by his actions alone," said Tsue's company commander, Capt. Lawrence Goshen.

"He did his duty and he did it extremely well," Goshen said of the 27-year-old Moanalua Valley native and 1996 Kahuku High School graduate. "He was great at what he did. He will ever be in his Marines' hearts and minds until the day we die."

Tsue, who was serving with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force from Camp Pendleton, Calif., was killed by a homemade bomb on Nov. 1 near Ar Ramadi, about 70 miles west of Baghdad.

Marine Chaplain Daniel Whitaker followed six pall bearers as they carried the casket of Staff Sgt. Daniel Tsue during memorial services at Borthwick Mortuary yesterday. Tsue was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq on Nov. 1 while conducting combat operations.

His death brought the total to 72 people with island ties who have died in Iraq since the war began in 2003.

UNTIL RECENTLY, childhood friends Marc Togashi and Branden Nishikawa thought that Tsue was working in the U.S. Embassy in Japan, they said yesterday after the service at Borthwick Mortuary.

"About a month ago, he called me out of the blue and said he was stationed in a dangerous area of Iraq," Nishikawa said. "I said, 'Keep yourself safe. Don't take any chances. Don't be a hero.'"

Togashi and Nishikawa said they wouldn't have guessed back in elementary and intermediate school that Tsue would grow up to be a Marine. But they agreed that he had always been smart.

"Very smart," said Nishikawa.

"He was always trying to learn something," Togashi said.

Joan Murata, Tsue's aunt, recalled in her eulogy that, "At an early age, he delighted his grandfather by solving math equations in his head quicker than it could be written out."

'He will ever be in his Marines' hearts and minds until the day we die'

After Tsue "aced" his college entrance exam, Murata said, the Marine Corps recruited him, and after just one semester at the University of Hawaii-Hilo, he accepted.

She read from a recent e-mail from her nephew in which he wrote: "I'm planning on doing a consecutive tour out here. So, I'll be here for another year or so. I figure since I'm single, I may as well stay out here and save some married guy from having to leave his family for six months."

That's the kind of person Tsue was, agreed Gunnery Sgt. Jose Soto, Tsue's team leader in Iraq. "He was genuinely a good person, one of those people who did the right thing."

While Tsue "had a relaxed, hair-down attitude about things," he was superb at his job. One of Tsue's habits after a mission was to "take off his boots and put on his flip-flops (slippers)," Soto said in an interview. "He always brought a piece of Hawaii with him."

SOTO GOT chuckles from funeral attendees when he told them that in his off hours, Tsue was on a mission to improve his fellow Marines' poker game.

"He never took our money," Soto said later. "That would be like taking candy from a baby."

Tsue's half-sister, Joy Takemoto, was choked with emotion as she described how grateful she was to have visited with him in June after not having seen him for 6 1/2 years.

"What little time we had was perfect. He was just such an awesome brother," she said.

As a Marine, Tsue served his fellow man, and in so doing served God as well, Marine Chaplain Daniel Whitaker said.

Tsue was awarded a Purple Heart and promoted posthumously from sergeant to staff sergeant.

Other survivors include his father, Richard; mother Deborah Takemoto; half-brother Alexander Takemoto; and grandmother Marian Tsue.

His ashes will be inurned at 1 p.m. tomorrow at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl.



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