Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fallen Heroes, Iraq War 03/19/03

Daniel P Unger

Exeter, California

May 25, 2004

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
19 Army Spc

Army National Guardís 1st Battalion, 185th Armor, 81st Separate Armor Brigade

Visalia, California

Died in Forward Operating Base Kalsu (Iskandariyah, Iraq) during a mortar attack.

Daniel actually gave his life as he willfully ran to the aid of two Iraqi civilian contractors during a horrific mortar attack on their FOB. He herded the civilians safely into the bunker BEFORE he attempted to get in. They made it....


03/06/04 Ft. Irwin

Daniel Unger at 11/03 Tournament. (Ultimately, Daniel would be promoted to Fifth Degree Black Belt)

Our Superman!


The Inspiring True Story of one U.S. Soldier's Heroism & Faith

Now available on DVD

The Daniel Unger Story

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Visalia, California, December 1, 2005

While Americans debate over the removal of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq, Family First Films presents A Hero's Love: The Daniel Unger Story 2-Disc Specialist Edition DVD, the inspiring true story of how Army Specialist Daniel Paul Unger sacrificed his life to save the lives of two men from a mortar attack during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq. Using exclusive footage and testimonies from the California National Guard military, A Hero's Love: The Daniel Unger Story remembers Daniel's heroic moments in Iraq and documents Daniel's life testimony of Christian love and integrity through personal accounts and interviews from people around the country. Included in its 68-minute feature presentation, A Hero's Love documents the passion behind why Daniel's father, Marc decided to join the California State Military Reserve as a Chaplain (1LT) just 6 months after Daniel's heroic death. As an Army Specialist, 4th Degree Black Belt, licensed minister, gifted athlete and student, Daniel Unger accomplished more on this earth in just 19 years than most people would in their entire lifetime. Powerful and uplifting, A Hero's Love: The Daniel Unger Story is a post 9/11 documentary that will encourage patriotism, promote faith and encourage family values.

A Hero's Love: The Daniel Unger Story 2-Disc Specialist Edition includes:
Promo Trailer
Deleted Scene
Photo Gallery
Hidden Easter Egg
Karate Demos
and more! 
Total run time: 149 minutes

To purchase DVDís, visit www.familyfirstfilms.com or www.amazon.com 
For further information on Daniel, visit www.danielunger.com 

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